Make me choose:

and asked: Rickyl or Leedus/Lincus

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Why are you voting for Katniss? Tweet #VoteKatniss with your reasons why you want Katniss to win ‘Best Character’ at the MTV Movie Awards!

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"Life’s always a test, Rick.”

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make me choose
↳  asked: glenn rhee or daryl dixon

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- Gonna come with us?

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sasha — 4x13 (alone)

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How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse with Steven Yeun (x)


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make me choose // anon asked rick grimes (in every episode) or lori grimes

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that day the Flandus won the internet with their epic selfshipping.

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make me choose • reedusdixons asked Maggie Greene or Beth Greene?

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sexual orientation: 


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myonlyfrearofdeath asked: lol sorry im like watching it right now i been up seen like 5 a.m trying to watch what i missd and omfg the show has made a flip! and i want to read the comics! do you know were i can find them?;3 andf p.s i love this blog<3!!!

sorry for the late reply but you can get the comics at the library i guess. and thank you :D