myonlyfrearofdeath asked: lol sorry im like watching it right now i been up seen like 5 a.m trying to watch what i missd and omfg the show has made a flip! and i want to read the comics! do you know were i can find them?;3 andf p.s i love this blog<3!!!

sorry for the late reply but you can get the comics at the library i guess. and thank you :D

I got somethin’ I gotta do on my own.

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Andrew Lincoln
↳ Stuff, things: Rick Grimes in Season One

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Anonymous asked: Wait people actually ship Daryl and Rick. Isn't that weird?



Why would it be weird? How is it any different than shipping any other couple on the show? Sigh. I mean, if you don’t ship them, that’s perfectly fine. But it isn’t weird for people to ship them either. So why is it weird?

Yeah it’d be weird because both of them are too attractive males. It’d be weird because there are some women who could be in a romantic relationship with them but nonetheless they’ve trusted and respected each other more than others. It’d be weird because they’re brothers not in blood but in bond. And it’d be weird because the relationship and chemistry between them is my absolute favorite thing in the show. If all of those things are weird, I would rather be weird.


Norman, Helena, Mingus (2002)

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The Walking Dead, Bloodletting

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Norman, Andrew and Scott BTS of the Season 4 Finale

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We’ll drink up our grief and pine for summer

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Rick, Michonne, and Carl 4.11 Claimed

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Do you ever feel   a b a n d o n ed?

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